Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Freedom

Whether you are working from an office or from home, the internet often serves as a source of much procrastination.  You know how it goes, you start those TPS Reports just to think "Ooh! I wonder when the next lunar eclipse is?" then you Google it, and think "Oooh! I wonder when STAR TREK comes out?" and so on, and so on.  

It is a slippery slope my friends, that's why I recommend FREEDOM, a free downloadable application for your Mac that let's you put a self-imposed ban on using the internet (or IM, etc.) for any period of time up to 8 hours.  The only way around this ban?  Reboot your computer.  Not the toughest by-pass, but enough of a pain that it should limit your online wandering.

Check it out here.

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