Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Weekend in Movies

Rather than post about another sale on some item you don't need or want, here is a list of movies to see on the cheap.

Friday and Saturday night April 10th and 11th, their double feature is THE THIN MAN and AFTER THE THIN MAN.  Seeing both movies will cost a total of $7.  Stick around for the Saturday midnight show of RESERVOIR DOGS for an additional $7.  Or buy their bargain package of 8 admissions for $36.

This weekend they are running a film noir series.  Double features will cost you $10.  Friday night they are showing THE ENFORCER and CONVICTED.  Saturday they are playing THE RACKET and WOMAN ON PIER 13.  If you aren't celebrating Easter on Sunday, check out the Fritz Lang double feature of WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS and BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.  

The Aero in Santa Monica has my top pics for the weekend.  These are classic "must see" movies.  Friday at 7:30 pm TOUCH OF EVIL and THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI.  Saturday April 11th, CITIZEN KANE and THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, and Sunday, in honor of Easter, EASTER PARADE.  Friday and Saturday's showings are double features, which will cost you $10.  

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