Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dollars and Sense

If you walk around bookstores these days you'll notice giant sections of books devoted to helping the unemployed.  I'm astounded by the number of books about building your resume, finding the right job for your personality, personal finance, and saving money.  What amuses me even more is the price of these "cost cutting how-to guides."  Upon browsing I noticed that Trent Hamm, the author of  365 WAYS TO LIVE CHEAPLY,  runs a blog.  Sweet relief! Something for free!  

Trent's blog, The Simple Dollar, is entirely focused on finances and ways to save money.  It's a virtual treasure trove of information.  I recommend it.  And, if you want to buy Trent's book, save yourself $4 and buy it used on Amazon.com.  

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